What is Arkeoportal?


Arkeoportal is an IT-based platform which was created to generate, archive, and disseminate archaeological content via an integrated application system to promote heritage both in Spanish and European networks. The platform offers users technology and advice on disseminating and publishing their latest studies, organising courses and other events, as well as creating interdisciplinary teams and participating in activities uploaded onto the platform.

The word ‘arkeologio’ means archaeology in Esperanto, a language based on words from other European languages which was devised in the 19th century so as to create a common international language. Arkeoportal came into being with the similar objective of connecting people and institutions from different countries with the same interests. Furthermore, our logo is inspired by the eyes of a baetylus or cylindrical idol, so that the website’s subject matter could be easily recognisable.

This virtual environment is aimed at:

  • Archaeologists and researchers that undertake any type of activity related to Spanish archaeological heritage nationally or internationally and wish to share their results and promote knowledge exchange.
  • University students wishing to use the platform’s content for their studies, to create and share their personal projects and contact other research groups.
  • People who may not be directly associated with archaeology, but who need advice or would like to form interdisciplinary groups for work, scientific, cultural or touristic purposes.

The platform aims to meet the following objectives:

  • To popularise archaeology-related professions and research by offering quality cultural products and services via the use of new technologies to create and disseminate content.
  • To stimulate archaeology-related employment, especially in SMEs and for freelancers, by promoting the engagement of the private sector in cultural projects.
  • To forge links between different regions in Spain, encourage international relations and promote Spanish culture via its archaeological heritage in order to strengthen the cultural sector in Spain.
  • To enhance and promote Spanish archaeological heritage, making it more visible to all stakeholders in a sector that is so important for the Spanish economy and tourism, which provides economic benefits to the region and the population of the place in question.
  • To strengthen the cultural promotion plan, adapted to the needs of everyone under the guidelines marked by universal accessibility.
  • To optimise the resources created, increase content and share knowledge, the main purpose being to facilitate access to culture and education.